Sans Titre, 2017Sans Titre, 2017 Glass wood (125 x 125 x 45 cm) group show Crystal Palacegroup show Crystal Palace galerie Escougnou-Cetraro, Paris Harram City, 2017 Harram City, 2017 Bronze (24 x 12 cm) La Traversée, 2017La Traversée, 2017 Charcoal on paper (93 x 93 cm) Who Fears The Others, 2017Who Fears The Others, 2017 Mirrors (250 x 100 cm)      White Flow, 2016, Malakoff, FranceWhite Flow, 2016, Malakoff, France Wood, glass Fayoum desert, 2016 (14 x 7 x 7 m)Fayoum desert, 2016 (14 x 7 x 7 m) with Julien Schmid ON/OFF Winterthur (CH) 2016ON/OFF Winterthur (CH) 2016 Glass, trestle, wood      The Deserted, 2015, Darb1718, CairoThe Deserted, 2015, Darb1718, Cairo 7 socles (40 x 40 x 120 cm)       Zaad Sagloul center, Cairo, 2016 Zaad Sagloul center, Cairo, 2016 No Roads, Wood (370 x 200 cm)      200 Russian Dolls (300 x 250 cm)200 Russian Dolls (300 x 250 cm) Wood, acrylic, lacquer Division Circle - Studio Khana, CairoDivision Circle - Studio Khana, Cairo photo ©Bassam Alzoghby Composition n°1 (water) - 2015Composition n°1 (water) - 2015 Charcoal in-situ (2200 x 350 cm) Only the Ocean is PacificOnly the Ocean is Pacific Mbal/Musée des beaux-arts du Locle      Glass, glass pigments and woodGlass, glass pigments and wood Only the Ocean is Pacific Composition n°2 (glass) 2015Composition n°2 (glass) 2015 production: Glassfabrik Glass, woodGlass, wood Only the Ocean is Pacific Composition n°3 (Wood)Composition n°3 (Wood) burned wood (600 x 700 x 450 cm) Epilogue (Black Eden) 2015Epilogue (Black Eden) 2015 Salon Alice Bailly, Lausanne Artificial flowers, ink, lianes Artificial flowers, ink, lianes (Approx. 700 x 450 cm) DIORAMA (2014)DIORAMA (2014) Vent des Forêts 2014      Glass, burned wood, glass furnaceGlass, burned wood, glass furnace Production: Vent des Forêts Glass furnace with GlassfabrikGlass furnace with Glassfabrik photo: ©Marine Calamai Oscar (2014)Oscar (2014) photo: ©David de Gagnebin Oscar, with Olivier DucretOscar, with Olivier Ducret Emergences, Bex & Arts 2014 Exhibition Telling Tales, 2014Exhibition Telling Tales, 2014 National Gallery of Art, Vilnius National Gallery of Art, VilniusNational Gallery of Art, Vilnius © Lithuanian Art Museum                LA HORDE (2014)LA HORDE (2014) PALEXPO - Art Genève 2014 Kelbs, 2016 (100 x 150 cm)Kelbs, 2016 (100 x 150 cm) Galerie Rosa Turetsky MASCULINE MOON (2014)MASCULINE MOON (2014) Galerie Rosa Turetsky, Geneva           British Lady (2010)British Lady (2010) mirror Before We, mirror, 30 x 40 cm, 2013Before We, mirror, 30 x 40 cm, 2013 (from Omar Khayyam)      NAFAS (2012)NAFAS (2012) photo: ©David Aebi      BONEFIRE (2010)BONEFIRE (2010) Centre d'art contemporain de GE VERONIQUES (2010)VERONIQUES (2010)   DRILL (2011)DRILL (2011) Centre d'art contemporain de Genève      GOHANAMEYA (2012)GOHANAMEYA (2012) Limited Ed. of 50 artist book                     Le Retour des ténèbres, Rath MuseumLe Retour des ténèbres, Rath Museum ©MAH photo: S. Pointet Calvin City, 2010Calvin City, 2010 Charcoal on paper (120 x 150 cm) SISTERHOOD (2013)SISTERHOOD (2013) Musée des beaux-Arts de Lausanne    Metal, textile, plaster, wood Ego Will Rise, 2010, (13 cm ø)Ego Will Rise, 2010, (13 cm ø) Included post-it, acrylic glass Black Soon , 2010, (13 cm ø)Black Soon , 2010, (13 cm ø) Included post-it, acrylic glass Out for Lunch (2009)Out for Lunch (2009) Feat. Alyss, Espace Doll Lausanne SOMEWHERE, BETWEEN (2010)SOMEWHERE, BETWEEN (2010) Galerie Rosa Turetsky, Geneva Grand Tour (2010)Grand Tour (2010) Galerie Rosa Turetsky, Geneva      EMBRASSE (2009)EMBRASSE (2009) solo show PAYS EXTERIEURS, Kyoto PARADE (2009)PARADE (2009) solo show PAYS EXTERIEURS, Kyoto VERNACULAIRE (2009)VERNACULAIRE (2009) solo show PAYS EXTERIEURS, Kyoto VERNACULAIRE (2009)VERNACULAIRE (2009) solo show PAYS EXTERIEURS, Kyoto PAYSAGE (2009)PAYSAGE (2009) solo show PAYS EXTERIEURS, Kyoto Flashdance (2009)Flashdance (2009) Fabric, latex, acrylic Whitesnake (2009)Whitesnake (2009)        Majeur, 2008Majeur, 2008 Plaster, acrylic, metal, vernish Insekts, 2008Insekts, 2008 Fette's gallery, Los Angeles, USA GOODBYE HORSES (2009)GOODBYE HORSES (2009) Galerie Piece Unic, Geneva      tar, latex, wool, metal, nylontar, latex, wool, metal, nylon   La Chose, 2007-2014La Chose, 2007-2014 Fur, acrylic, plaster, metal      Catwalk, T. Chisato store, 2005Catwalk, T. Chisato store, 2005 65 flying cats textile, foarm, latex, acrylictextile, foarm, latex, acrylic   Eggs (Kate Bush tribute) 2003Eggs (Kate Bush tribute) 2003 Painted eggs SEHNSUCHT (2006)SEHNSUCHT (2006) Centre culturel français de Milan Dark Crystal, 2006Dark Crystal, 2006 Textile, embroidery, pearl, sequin Arschsaft (Flesh Crystal), 2008Arschsaft (Flesh Crystal), 2008 Textile, embroidery, pearl, sequin Mysanthropy, 2004Mysanthropy, 2004 Embroidery UFO attak I and II, 2005UFO attak I and II, 2005 Found object, acrylic, embroidery PETIT ALBINOS (2006)PETIT ALBINOS (2006) embroidery, lace Villa Grisebach, Berlin, 2004Villa Grisebach, Berlin, 2004 Unpainted group show Battlefield II, 2003Battlefield II, 2003 Textile Fleisch (2007)Fleisch (2007) Textile Brad The Rat, 2003Brad The Rat, 2003 Textile (50 x 70 cm) W, 2003W, 2003 Textile (50 x 70 cm) The Red Warrior, 2003The Red Warrior, 2003 Textile (50 x 70 cm) WILD BOYS (2002)WILD BOYS (2002) © ECAL, Lausanne WILD BOYS (2002)WILD BOYS (2002) ©ECAL, Lausanne WILD BOYS (2002)WILD BOYS (2002) © ECAL Lausanne