Lemon production, studio Cairo 2024  

Lemon production, studio Cairo 2024  

Studio, Lausanne, Xmas 2023 Making of Pantalla Suns

Uyuni desert, Bolivia, 2023

Breakin the Waves MAHN Neuchâtel, 2023

MAHN Neuchâtel 2023

Cimetière des Rois, Geneva Making of Burn Out

Digging the grave, Open End 2022 Making of Burn Out

Art d'Egypte, Cairo   

Medellin, Columbia, La Sombra Feat.Valentina and Onys, Matza team

Medellin, Columbia Cleaning mirrors under the rain

Making of the Wall, CACY Yverdon photo ©Emile Barret

Making of the Wall, CACY Yverdon photo ©Emile Barret

The Crystal Jaw, 2021, mcba Alice into the installation

The Crystal jaw, 2021, mcba  

The Crystal Jaw, 2021, mcba Eliot cleaning the ashes

Ferme Asile, Sion, 2020 Morgane watching the fire

Beirut, Galerie C, Neuchâtel 2020 (Fred & Oscar)

Beirut at Galerie C, Neuchâtel 2020

El Darb El Ahmar, Cairo at the foundry, 2019

Macaal, Marrakech, 2020  

Haj Farouk, Black Sun making of Cairo 2018. Photo: ©Nabil Sami

Shams Black Sun making of, Cairo 2018

Matza Aletsch camp base, 2018  

Matza Aletsch Glacier 2018 photo: @Laurence Bonvin

Le Cyclop, Milly la Forêt, 2018  

9.5 on Luther Squale, St François Pascal Moret, stained glass studio

Only The Ocean Is Pacific, 2015 Making of, burned wood

Division Circle, charcoal, 2015 Studio Khana, Cairo, Egypt

Making of 9.5 On Luther squale 2017  Caroline at Hernandez backyard

Process / Molten glass on MDF wood  Stéphane Pelletier, Atelier Gamil

Stained glass window in process Pascal Moret studio, Cugy (2017)

Making of 9.5 On Luther squale Nayansaku, Church of St François

Diorama, glass oven, Vent des Forêt with atelier Gamil, 2014

Glass making of with atelier Gamil, Pantin

Diorama, Vent des Forêts 2018 with Jules

Fayoum, 2016  

Epilogue (Black Eden) 2015 Lausanne Opera, Salon Alice Bally